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W E E K L Y___F O R E C A S T


Updated on Sunday, March 6 , 2011
( From 6 March to 12 March 2011 )

Aries [ March 21 - April 20 ]

Symbol:.. Ram
Planet:.. Mars
Element:.. Fire
Number:.. 1

Your ability to be cool during volatile situations will bring success. Some upsetting conditions will make a health problem resurface, that will probably need immediate medical attention.

Lucky colour: Sky blue.

Taurus [ April 21 - May 20 ]

Symbol:.. Bull
Planet:.. Venus
Element:.. Earth
Number:.. 2

Your finances are good. All disputes have been settled. Still, you are not happy as what you really want is missing. You need a break. Go for a holiday and do some soul searching.

Lucky colour: Metallic grey.


Gemini [ May 21 - June 21 ]

Planet:.. Mercury
Element:.. Air
Number:.. 3

Seize the opportunities knocking on your door. A relative may experience financial difficulties and require you to bail him out, make sure you don’t get carried away. You’ll be feel run down or sick.

Lucky colour: Silver.

Cancer [ June 22 - July 22 ]

Symbol:.. Crab
Planet:.. Moon
Element:.. Water
Number:.. 4

After a period of failure, you will find happiness. Money is on its way in the form of dividends or profits. You will, however, get dizzy spells or health problems caused by stress. But this is temporary.

Lucky colour: Royal blue.

Leo [ July 23 - Aug 22 ]

Symbol:.. Lion
Planet:.. Sun
Element:.. Fire
Number:.. 5

When you least expect it, you will be assisted in finances, profession or social life. Money will come in through work you love; a financial problem that caused you worry will be resolved.

Lucky colour: Crimson.

Virgo [ Aug 23 - Sept 22 ]

Symbol:.. Virgin
Planet:.. Mercury
Element:.. Earth
Number:.. 6

You are reeling insurmountable problems. Sudden acquisition of money and the opportunity to advance in profession will bring happiness. Those recuperating should slow down. 

Lucky colour: Deep red.

Libra [Sept 23 - Oct 22 ]

Symbol:.. Scales
Planet:.. Venus
Element:.. Air
Number:.. 7

Someone will be an unexpected catalyst for new business or bring an opportunity that could increase your earnings substantially. There will be emotional discussions between you and a family member.

Lucky colour: Peach.


Scorpio [Oct 23 - Nov 22 ]

Symbol:.. Scorpion
Planet:.. Pluto
Element:.. Water
Number:.. 8

Work output will increase and people will seek you for your skills. Recognition and financial success are coming your way. An old flame will re-enter your life. There may be routine check ups.

Lucky colour: White.

Sagittarius [ Nov 23 - Dec 22]

Symbol:.. Archer
Planet:.. Jupiter
Element:.. Fire
Number:.. 9

Money will pour from all corners. Those undertaking creative pursuits, or new projects, will find success instantly. If you are planning a trip you will have to cut short or postpone it. Avoid stress; it will affect your health.

Lucky colour: Turquoise.

Capricorn [Dec 23 - Jan 20]

Symbol:.. Mountain Goat
Planet:.. Saturn
Element:.. Earth
Number:.. 10

Finances are low because as some bill or expense always comes up. Your prayers will be answered shortly. Have patience. Cards indicate eye problems like an inflammation or infection. 

Lucky colour: Violet. 

Aquarius [ Jan 21 - Feb 19 ]

Symbol:.. Water Bearer
Planet:.. Uranus
Element:.. Air
Number:.. 11

Projects that were not working out will get straightened out. Discussions and meetings will keep you busy all week. Finances will stabilise and internal conflicts will come to an end. Aches and pains will keep you down.

Lucky colour: Sea green.

Pisces [Feb 20 - March 20 ]

Symbol:.. Two Fishes
Planet:.. Neptune
Element:.. Water
Number:.. 12

There’s a lot on your mind. Take sometime out, sort your thoughts, only then go ahead with any new venture. An unexpected lie or infidelity will destroy your trust in the loved one.

Lucky colour: Pink.